Thuppaki Munai

Thuppaki Munai

Thuppaki Munai is a great movie, Dinesh Selvaraj made sure that it was a full-scale, epic spectacle. I have some very good news for the lovers of action movies. Dinesh Selvaraj created great movie. Effective assembly and a thrilling action let you forget about the wasted potential of the scenario. Also the soundtrack is great here. It can be interpreted in many ways. Well played by the cast, accurately photographed and assembled. I hope you'll like Thuppaki Munai too, hanging the perspective may be a source of unexpected thoughts. Thuppaki Munai is available to watch online for free here.

Genre: Action, Romance, Thriller

Actors: Hansika Motwani, Vikram Prabhu

Directors: Dinesh Selvaraj

Country: India

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 7,5