Howling V: The Rebirth

Howling V: The Rebirth

You know what happened what I was watching Howling V: The Rebirth for the first time in cinema? When the lights came on after the screening, people in silence and reverie went out of the cinema room. In addition, the recognition of viewers around the world. This is a film deserving special attention. Neal Sundstrom has been pursuing his cinematic style with unbelievable consistency for over a quarter of a century. All the scenes are complemented by wonderful matched soundtrack Although production is not a true horror, it has everything what a good horror should have. That's how history is made ... I guarantee that you'll want to watch Howling V: The Rebirth again and again. Howling V: The Rebirth is available to watch online here.

Quality: HD

Release: 1989

IMDb: 6,3

Views: 133